150ml Halo Proactive Waterless Hair & Body Wash

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150ml Halo Proactive Waterless Hair & Body Wash

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Halo Proactive Waterless Hair & Body Wash 150ml

Sports and Activity Formula

150ml bottle

* Waterless body refresher.
* Removes sweat & odours, cools the body after exercise.
* Mild, can be used under arms and intimate areas.

Halo Waterless Hair & Body Wash Shampoo

A waterless body refresher designed for sporty & outdoor people.

Ideal for removing sweat, body odours and cooling the body down after a run or exercise session. A fantastic body refresher.

This makes going for a run / bike ride in your lunch break that more appealing. No more worries about smelling during the afternoon because there are no showers at the office.

Used and approved by Olympic Athletes

How does it work?

The active agents within the unique sports formulation actively remove sweat odours from your body. The sports formulation is designed to lift and remove grease and grime from your skin pores leaving you clean and refreshed.

Once applied to the body after a training session it immediately starts to cool the body down. The effect of this is your body very quickly stops sweating and cools down in a controlled manner.

By rubbing the liquid vigorously into the skin this lifts all the grease and grime from the skin. You then simply wipe all this off with a dry clean towel leaving you sweat and odour free

Ideal for cleaning and refreshing under arms, bums and crotch areas. Can also be used to freshen up your hair as it removes grease and grime.

Directions for Use

Its simple once you have finished your exercise session simply strip off and spray Halo Waterless Hair & Body wash on your body and rub in with your hands.
Depending on the amount of sweat on your body Halo Body wash will produce a small amount of lather to combat this. Once you have rubbed into your body simply wipe off with a dry towel. No water required!.
You will be sweat free, clean, cooled and refreshed- your colleagues will appreciate you smelling fresh throughout the day

Who Uses It?

People form all walks of life use Halo Hair and Body refresher to freshen up.
Runners, Cyclists, fell walkers, campers, Mountain climbers, ramblers, holiday makers, festival goers and people who are bed ridden. .

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