Halo Proactive Sport Kit Refresher 12 Pack

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Halo Proactive Sport Kit Refresher 12 Pack

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Halo Proactive Kit Refresher/Cleaner 150ml
halo Kit Refresher/Cleaner Halo Proactive Kit Refresher & Cleaner is the new generation of Sports Odour Eliminators and cleaners. Designed for professional sports people and keep fit addicts who care about keeping sweat odours off their sportswear..A Unique Sports Wear formulation, it removes sweat odours from clothing. Does not mask bad odours but kills the odour making bacteria which live and breath in the fabric of your gym and sports wear clothing* Approved fungicidal & Antibacterial formulation * Kind to sensitive skin uses chemicals which are kind to the environment * Proven to keep on working even after the hardest work out * Great for cleaning gym equipment * Used by professional athletes

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