The Story So Far

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With their first appearance on “Dragon’s Den” in 2009, halo Non Bio burst into the public eye with their revolutionary superbug-beating products whilst doing the unthinkable and rejecting the Dragon’s offer of £100,000 investment to go it alone.

The Dragon's Den Appearance

Managing Director of halo Non Bio, Paul Ward from Widnes, faced down James Caan who offered £100,000 for 30% of the business not once but twice. Paul Ward’s decision to go it alone has since been proven right as the business has gone from strength to strength, exceeding all sales projections and gaining a reputation within the industry for innovation and results.

How the product was developed

Paul started his career as a medic in the Royal Army Medical Corps after leaving school. It was in this capacity that he began to gain a real appreciation of the importance of hygiene and infection control which was always a priority for him and the Medical Corps as a whole.

On leaving the services, Paul then decided to study Chemistry in the evenings to expand his knowledge and develop his idea of bringing to market a product that was mild yet highly effective against all germs, including Superbugs.

After 6 years of study and researching ways of achieving his ambition, Paul finally had developed his product and began exhaustive testing. In 2004 the revolutionary product range was launched to rave reviews.

Swine Flu Pandemic

During the Swine Flu pandemic, due to halo’s recent certification of effectiveness against C.Diff and the Swine Flu Virus, the business took off as care homes and companies alike turned to its superbug killing powers to protect patients and staff.

See halo Products

Having proven themselves to the industry and the wider public, halo Non Bio has struck distribution deals with dozens of retailers including Kooga and more recently Tesco where it is now stocked in 500 stores nationwide. The full product range can be viewed and purchased via the recently launched shopping cart site where product range descriptions and reviews are also available.

Giving back to the community

The commercial success of halo Non Bio has enabled the company to give back to the community with activities that include Paul and brother Andrew Ward’s involvement with mentoring new businesses in the Chamber of Commerce, visits to business studies student colleges to advise students on the challenges of starting up and running a successful business and their involvement with the Help for Heroes Sahara Trek expedition.

Sports Star Endorsements

See halo ProductsAs an avid sports enthusiast, Paul has given and recieved support from the sporting fraternity, with halo drawing endorsements from legends like Colin Jackson CBE, Jonathan Davies MBE, Jamie Baulch, Rob Vickerman and 2012 Olympic Equestrian hopeful Oliver Townend. The halo Sports range has enabled Paul to mix business with pleasure by helping up and coming sports like wheelchair rugby to more established big hitters like Rugby League Giants, Widnes. All this whilst using these sporting greats to show the revolutionary nature of the halo Non Bio product range.

With the help of the halo Non Bio facebook page, halo endeavours to inform the public of the wider health benefits of using halo Non Bio products which include reducing the chances of contracting flu, Norovirus, MRSA and C.Diff as well as reducing allergy symptoms in those who are affected by fungal spores which are known to aggravate cases of asthma and Rhinitis in many sufferers.

To see paul’s appearance on “Daybreak”, “Dragon’s Den”, and "Dragon’s Den Revisited” see our facebook page, like it and click on the YouTube tab to the left.