What The Stars Think

  • "Colin Jackson - Sporting Legend and Commentator"

    halo is taking the sporting world by storm, the kit refresher particularly must be making the locker rooms around the country far nicer places to be.

    I spend hours sweating in my ski gear, more than any other sporting clothes i wear. Washing my clothes with halo products, makes me confident that my clothes are completely clean, no odour or bacteria... My skiing has not improved much, but smell nicer!"
  • "Jamie Baulch - Double World Champion & Olympic Silver Medallist"

    As an Olympic athlete, I know how much washing has to be done to keep up with heavy training sessions day after day and you want your kit not only looking good but smelling fresh!

    Halo® ProActive Sports Wash is a perfect match for sportsmen and women, who want the best of everything – this is it!
  • "Jonathan Davies - Rugby legend"

    I can’t believe how effective halo is at removing dirt and odours! My kit always looks and smells like new now
  • "Oliver Townend - 2012 Olympian"

    I love to use halo Proactive Kit Refresher to keep the inside of my riding hat bacteria & odour free. I use halo Sportswash with it's special antibacterial properties to keep my kit fresh & clean
  • "Rob Vickerman - Rugby International"

    My training regime means that I am doing two to three intense sessions a day, in varying conditions.

    Hygiene is paramount in a squad environment and Halo Pro-active Sports Wash, as well as the hand-gel makes sure my kit, trainers and I maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and stay fresh.
  • "Jonathan Clegg - Under 23 Great Britain Rowing Champion"

    Training six days a week, 3 times a day creates a lot of washing. To be able to complete this training I need to remain healthy and Halo Sports Wash manages to clean away the dirty sweat better than any other product I have tried!

    Arriving at training with a bag full of kit smelling great, is also a plus.
  • "Monica Grenfell - Internationally Renowned Nutritionist "

    I am a total convert to Halo, I hand-washed my jeans last night in Halo and dried them on the radiator, and when I came home just now the whole apartment smelled of Halo - and I really love it!

    My Gym clothes also smell completely fresh and I will not use anything else on any of my clothing now.
  • "Tina Baker - ITV Celebrity Fit Club Winner"

    Halo is brilliant. It's kept me fresh as a daisy - even when I was teaching in 40 degrees in Lanzarote! It gets rid of fake tan stains & any other grubbiness & pongs that clog up my kit after hardcore aerobics.

    Since leaving GMTV to become a full time fitness instructor, I teach 20 classes a week. Halo is the best product I've used. My keep fit girls love it too.
  • "Colette Pienaar - Fitness Instructor, Kingston"

    I love it! And will definitely switch to using Halo! As a fitness instructor I go through a load of gear every week so my washing machine is always on the go.

    To have a sports clothes specific wash that is effective at 30 degrees and kind to my sweat wicking gear is a godsend. Thank you so much for introducing me to your product!
  • "Marion Rubins - Whitefield Pilates, Manchester"

    My washing machine is on constantly. I teach spinning, Core stability, pilates , yoga and do over 20 classes a week. I also run outside with my clients and ride my road bike and mountain bike when I have some free time!! Halo is a fantastic product. I have re vamped my fitness wardrobe, towels and washed all my trainers with it and they all smell so fresh.

    As I also have another role as an agent selling orthopaedic products into hospitals I can now wash my business suits and theatre shoes with the knowledge that all bacteria have been removed. Previously I had to wash at 60 degrees and even though all the bugs were washed away so were my clothes!!! Please make it commercially available :)
  • "Rachelle Christian - Folkstone & Kent Fitness"

    Halo sport is an excellent detergent for the fitness professional and I use it on my sports kit after every use. It's antibacterial and removes any odours, also keeping them at bay for longer. I tried one of the trial sachets on my kit after seeing Halo on the internet and was an instant convert as the difference from my usual washing liquid was so obvious!

    I can replace my kit less often than previously which saves me money in the long run. I have sensitive skin and some washing products can irritate my skin, but with Halo I have no problems at all
  • "ITF England TaeKwon Do Team"

    The England Taekwon-Do team takes pride in training intensely so that we can compete internationally. The sparring and power competitions result in our uniforms getting covered in blood, sweat, and all sorts of stains that normal detergent will not clean. England Taekwon-Do needs some detergent that is better than the average detergent because of our demanding environment. It is crucial for the England squad to look good to keep us in the running for medals in international championships.

    We tested many detergents and found Halo was the best for removing stains and keeping our uniforms looking and smelling fresh. Halo keeps St George clean and white and helps England win Gold Medals. Well done Halo!.
  • "Gaynor Prior - Pure Personal Training, Nottingham"

    Firstly thank you for sending me the Halo sports wash and samples. I have used it myself a number of times and have given out all of the samples to a selection of my clients. So, feedback so far! As far as I'm concerned the product, when used at 30 degrees, did indeed remove the 'musty' smell that tends to 'build up' with sports gear, especially one particular brand which is usually referred to as 'smelly Helly'.

    My running gear now smells fresh! I have tried various brands and tried washing at much higher temperatures in order to get rid of the familiar smell, but Halo has worked.
  • "Kirsty Birr - Fitness First Gyms"

    You deal with our Group Purchasing Manager here at Fitness First which is how I heard of the product. I like it very much, and use it on my towels and bedsheets too.

    It has a nice fragrance. Would be nice if you could put it in mainstream shops!
  • "Joslyn Thompson - Fit Girl About Town"

    As an athlete and gym owner I tend to wash my gym kit more than my normal clothes. Of course my gym kit gets the pleasure of body sweat to absorb and needs a little extra attention shall we say to keep it fresh.

    In Halo I have found that extra attention, and enjoy my clothes being fresher for longer.
  • "David Reed - Amateur Runner"

    I've been using the Sportwash for a couple of months now and have been impressed. My running kit is washed properly with none of the lingering smells you get with normal washing liquids/powder etc! In the past I've used Penguin Sportwash which was ok but not as effective as Halo. It also costs three times as much!

    Overall I've been impressed with the service provided by the company. The Sportwash arrived quickly and well packaged. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future and will be recommending it to fellow runners
  • "Scarlet Borg - Amateur Runner"

    I love it! I use the other Halo liquid for regular stuff and I prefer it to Ariel, which is what I used to use. It gets everything out first wash and my sports stuff doesn’t get smelly anymore, even if it sits in a bag all day after an early gym session.

    I keep recommending it to my gym buddies, you should try and get a deal with Fitness First to stock the single sachet doses in their gyms. I wish everyone who used the gym used it, then I wouldn’t be sitting in a spin class next to Febreeze boy!
  • "Allan Crook - Amateur Runner"

    The product is wonderful, no more smelly clothes! I spent years wondering why I smelt (sounds funny I know). I could never understand why my under arm rarely smelt but my clothes always did!
  • "Elizabeth Bradshaw - Infection Control Nurse, Trafford PCT"

    I find the product really good as I have used it to wash my own uniforms which I wear when working in clinical areas and my son’s grubby rugby/football kit, sweaty trainers the list is endless.

    The extra samples and information that I request I am giving to dental practice staff because they have been asking me about my thoughts on antimicrobial uniforms and I suggest that they try your product and pass on the samples.
  • "Chris Farrell - Body Matters, Bristol"

    We have been using Halo Washing Liquid in our Medical Centre for some time. It is as effective at cleaning as the powder products we previously used and at lower temperatures the laundry is completed in under half the time resulting in significant savings on electricity and staff time.

    In addition we have the security of laboratory reports confirming the effectiveness of the product, helping us meet hygiene standards and provide a safe environment for staff and patients alike.
  • "Lorna Craig - Student Nurse"

    As a student nurse, it gives me confidence to think that my clothing has some form of resistance to MRSA, C Diff, seasonal Flu, H1N1 and many more besides. I used to worry about bringing my uniform home to wash as I have two small children who may have been more susceptible to contracting whatever bugs have been hitching a ride back on my clothing.

    I am pleased that Halo is effective at 30 degrees which will ultimately save me money and makes me feel like I'm "doing my bit" for the environment. I will continue to buy it in the hope that it will help to safeguard the patients I look after and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Halo will eventually be used in all hospitals within the NHS for the benefits of everyone under our care.
  • "The Childrens Trust, Tadworth"

    The Children’s Trust is a national charity working with children who have multiple disabilities and complex health needs.
  • "Ronald McDonald House Charity"

    Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is an independent Charity which aims to provide free ‘home away from home’ accommodation at hospitals across the UK, enabling families to stay close to their child and maintain a degree of normal family life.
  • "MRSA Action Uk"

    Raising public awareness - campaigning for safer standards supporting sufferers and dependants.”