Halo Proactive Sports Triple Pack

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Halo Proactive Sports Triple Pack

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3 x 1ltr Bottle - Total 75 washes

* Removes stains, sweat and odours, gentle on fabrics.
* Ant- fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-viral at 30 degrees.
* Kills athletes foot fungus in training shoes & socks.

Halo Proactive Sportswash Triple Pack

Halo Proactive Sports Wash is the Worlds first Non Bio Laundry Detergent designed specifically for sportswear clothing. Used by fitness professionals and amateurs alike, this unique sportswash works as hard as you do to stay on top of your game in the battle against odours.

Stay Fresh, Stay Fit, with Halo Proactive Sportswash.

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Sports Wear Formula

* Removes sweat & odours 
* Designed for sportswear, including technical fabrics 
* Just as effective as low as 30 degrees 
* Tough on sweat and stains 
* Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial
* Kills athletes foot fungus

Halo Proactive Sports Wash is safe on most common fabrics (cotton, polyester,denim) and widely used sportswear clothing such as. Lycra, Gore-Tex, Nylon, Elastane, Spandex, Viscose and many more.


Training Shoes

Bad odours caused by bacteria and fungi growths can be significantly reduced by cleaning training shoes with Halo Proactive Sports Wash detergent. The product is proven to kill athletes foot fungus.


How It Works

Bacteria caused by sweating trapped in the weave of the clothing produce bad odours. Most detergents mask odours by leaving soap residue on your clothing. 

Halo Proactive Sports wash kills the bacteria which are trapped in the weave of the fabric thus allowing the clothing to breath. 
It continues to work by leaving behind active agents in the weave of the clothing, which means it keeps your sportswear fresh for longer than other detergents. 
British standards approved to EN1275 & EN1276. Independently tested by UK Laundry technology centres.

Cannot be used with septic tanks due to strong antibacterial action.

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